Catching Up

So… it’s been 4 months since my last post.  Plan Z, joining CrossFit, didn’t work out.  I emailed them and never heard back from them.  So… I decided to move on to Modified Plan Z.  I signed up with a personal trainer on July 23, 2013.  I have a 1-hour workout with her every 2 weeks, and I go to the gym 3 times per week.  I currently weigh about 225 pounds.


Beyond 50

It’s official: I’m a lousy blogger. I’m beyond 50 now, but I failed to weigh myself on my birthday. However, I’ve been weighing around 228 pounds lately, so my total weight loss since my 49th birthday is 15.5 pounds. That’s somewhat less than I was hoping for, but I’m happy that I didn’t gain weight! And I’m still down 60 pounds from my highest weight.

My next plan (Plan Z, I think) is to sign up for CrossFit. I did CrossFit for a while about a year and a half ago. But I quit when I sprained my ankle and never went back. So, I’m gonna try it again. I’m hoping my weight loss will make it a little easier.

Maybe when I start making some progress I’ll be motivated to blog more often. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Day ???

Wow, it’s been almost 2 months since my last post. Maybe I’m not meant to be a blogger. I should mention that I bought a house a couple of weeks ago, so I have been kinda busy.

The scale says 225.8 pounds this morning.  For the last three weeks or so, it was 228-point-something. So, I’m happy.

Day 258

then and nowHere’s a “then and now” picture.  The picture on the left was taken 8 years ago on my wedding day.  I weighed 276 pounds.  The picture on the right was taken a few days ago, 55 pounds lighter.  Ah… that feels good.  My clothes are getting loose on me and I’m excited about the way things are going.

Day 253

220.4 pounds.

I’m still losing weight.  My “Progress” graph is looking pretty good these days.  I’ve lost 11 pounds in the last 11 weeks.

I resumed walking 60 minutes a day today.  I didn’t walk a lot while I was sick, which was forever.

I’m still doing Fresh ‘N Lean.  I like it a lot.  There have been a couple of lasagna dishes that I didn’t care for, but I have enjoyed just about everything else.